A very complete EP gets by released Christian Nodal

MEXICO CITY.— Christian Nodal maintains that the new generations consume Mexican regional music during a different way, as they like fusion with different genres like pop, as long as its essence is maintained.

“I think that the new generation takes the roots of regional Mexican music then does it in their own way, that is, they will make a band or band with pop. for instance , before, a singular concept of mariachi was followed, but now the norms don’t exist ”, comments the interpreter of the subgenre of Mariachi.

Nodal, 21, has just released his new EP “Ayayay!” which releases seven musical cuts that correspond to a primary half what is going to be an entire album and during which he intends to point out that he’s a multifaceted performer: “We put salsa, ballads, boleros, cumbia and rancheras on him, this work is extremely complete ”

One of his successes was “Goodbye love” of 2016 during which he reflects the shortage of affection between a few , now he comments on the evolution of their lyrics: “I can’t stay stuck in one style, I already wrote about ‘cutting your veins’, now i would like to undertake on the side of getting an honest time and grab the party because they’re situations that happen and that i roll in the hay brooding about the young audience although I even have not stopped writing deep songs, “he said.

In this new work, the first composer from Caborca, Sonora, only features a collaboration with the also young singer Ángela Aguilar, daughter of the singer and producer Pepe Aguilar: “I personally believe that she is now one among the best idols of Mexican music , who has everything to place on the flag and represent us within the world, ”says the singer.

Regarding the weather useful that he takes under consideration to hold out a musical collaboration, he explains: “I always seek to collaborate with artists whose music identifies me and knows that an honest mix are often made, it’s the foremost important thing, beyond the numbers and to not be forced ”.

For now, “Ayayay!” It contains the 2 released songs “Amor toxic” and “I forgot”, but you’ll also hear other titles like “My Chula”, “I wish it were true” and “Last night I fell in love”.

In “The Voice …”

Nodal is a component of the “coaches” of the “reality” “La Voz … México”, which can begin broadcasts today through Azteca Uno.

Belinda, Ricardo Montaner and María José participate with the interpreter. the truth show had to prevent thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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